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Jerome Moore for Harris County Sheriff

Jerome has 21 years of law enforcement experience.  He has been with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and is currently with the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct Five.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Security Management for Executives Degree from the University of Houston-Downtown.  He is a Master Peace Officer and has been a Certified Internal Affairs Investigator/Supervisor.

During his time at Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct Five, he served twelve of those years as a Lieutenant. He has supervised the Patrol, Communications, Property & Evidence, Warrants, Motorcycle, K-9, Victim’s Assistance, Undercover, and Traffic Enforcement Divisions.  While supervising those divisions, he gained a vast amount of supervisory experience.

He wants to bring his education and experience to the Sheriff’s Office because he knows he can lead the agency better and meet the expectations the citizens of Harris County expect from an elected official.

  • As your next Sheriff of Harris County, he will make saving lives one of his top priorities. He will make sure the Harris County Sheriff’s Office jail has complete oversight. He will do his best to stop or significantly reduce the deaths inside the jail.  He will personally make unannounced visits once a month to each of the county jails and inspect their conditions to make sure that they’re in compliance with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.
  • He will make sure he significantly reduces the number of violent crimes and senseless killings in Harris County by being a proactive, rather than a reactive sheriff. He will have weekly meetings with his command staff to come up with a strategic plan of action to target high crime areas and do his best to significantly reduce this violence.
  • He promises to build trust between law enforcement and the citizens of Harris County. He will implement programs where citizens and law enforcement learn how to interact with each other.  His main goal is to gain back the community’s trust with law enforcement by returning to “community-oriented policing.”  This is a proactive approach for deputies to meet the residents and become familiar with the issues that affect each community.
  • He wants to focus more resources on human trafficking.
  • He will examine ways to add more Deputy Sheriffs to the patrol bureau in order to keep the citizens of Harris County safe and improve police response times. Most importantly while operating within the current budget.
  • He will be willing to meet with all eight-elected Constable’s within Harris County, the Chief of Police from the Houston Police Department, and various other law enforcement agencies within Harris County to discuss a comprehensive plan of action for all agencies to work together, in order to better serve the citizens of Harris County.
  • He wants to bring more reforms to our criminal justice system. He plans on meeting with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to advocate for more diversion programs for certain minor offenses.  He wants to see alternatives to incarceration, so we can help cut down on jail overcrowding and save taxpayers money.  His goal is to educate rather than incarcerate.
  • He believes in comprehensive immigration reform. He wants immigration enforcement officials to focus resources on deporting felons, not families.  He wants law abiding citizens to have a legal pathway to citizenship.
  • He wants to give mental health consumers the help they need rather than incarcerating them in the Harris County jail.
  • He wants to give substance abuse users the help they need to overcome their addiction to drugs rather than incarcerating them in the Harris County jail.
  • He wants to expand the Homeless Outreach Team (H.O.T.) to add more boots on the ground to be able to serve all of Harris County. He wants to give every homeless individual a chance to partner with community resources to become productive members of society.
  • He wants to implement the Senior Citizens Program at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The program will be designed to check in on our seniors within our community.   This program will help educate seniors on scams, local crime trends, and other questions they may have regarding law enforcement activities.
  • He will also discuss with Commissioners Court ways to implement a “Meet and Confer” system for employees of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.
  • He wants to be a sheriff that gives responsible citizens a second chance at life.
  • He promises to make sure the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has a more diverse command staff, in order to represent the people in which it serves.
  • He promises to stay open, transparent, and accountable for all actions of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.
  • He will never forget that he works for you and will ALWAYS put the needs of the Harris County citizens first!

In closing, your vote is your voice!  Stop allowing your elected officials to give you below standard results.  Demand accountability and hold them accountable.  If elected officials are not doing what you elected them to do, then vote them out of office.

I am Jerome Moore, and I want to be a “Sheriff for ALL the People” and I am asking for your vote as the next Sheriff of Harris County.

Thank You!